Hey There Food Lovers!

So as I sit at my desk at work mulling over my options for lunch as I woke up WAY to late to make my normal brown rice bowl or salad, my options seem eh, I was reading a friends blog and loving it and she suggested, hey you know you post all these pics and recipes on your facebook, why not mass share!  Thus a “star” was born!  Here she is:

Jersey Girl Epicure

So I come from a food & beverage background with a family full of culinary wiz’s ( and maybe some who think they are)  I have a passion for the culinary arts and love to share my thoughts and ideas!  Over the next year or so  I’ll be sharing most (if not all) of the foods I make and some of the recipes  ( hey a girl’s gotta have her secrets)as well as some funny anecdotes and findings along the way!

I’ll be featuring articles and interviews with different food industry and nutrition industry analysts, experts and fellow food & beverage lovers and appreciate all of your feedback!

What Jersey Girl Epicure Isn’t: A forum for judgement, nastiness, hatred or snobbery!

What Jersey Girl Epicure IS:  A forum to share recipes, ideas, thoughts and forums all centered around FOOD & Beverage and the things we all love about them!

Happy Blogging & Eating!


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