” Cooking for the troops” Bringing Jersey to El Paso Texas!

So I headed out to the great state of Texas this weekend to visit a friend down in El Paso at Ft. Bliss.  He and a few of his buddies had seen all the things I post on my blog and facebook and begged me to come down and cook.   Always loving to travel and “show off” my cooking skills I said sure! I decided to bring a little bit of Jersey Italian to Texas and go with a variation of my lasagna and sausage/peppers & onions.Safe to say it was a success and I left them with plenty of leftovers ( well for a day or two at least)


On the menu: 

6 cheese lasagna made with my homemade gravy ( with meat this time) & ground beef.  Typically I would use lamb but the stores out there didn’t have any!

My Gravy with Meat!


Beef Shank prepped and ready to braise!  ( rosemary, salt, pepper, garlic, thyme & oregano) Image

6 Cheese Meat Lasagna ( Mozzarella, Asiago, Parmesan, Ricotta, Fontina & Provolone)


Hot & Sweet Italian Sausage, Red & Green Peppers, Large Yellow Onions, Scoop of Gravy per each serving cooked


Side by Side Finished Product!


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