Dans Le Noir: A Sensory Experience aka My Birthday Location

So this past weekend was my birthday party, I know I know Happy Birthday To Moi. I decided this year that I wanted something utterly random and unique and i found exactly that in Dans Le Noir.


The Concept

Dinner in the total darkness, guided and served by blind people, is a unique experience that changes our perception of the world by reversing points of view. A visit to Dans le Noir is not just dinner, it is a censorial, social, and human experience. First, your senses will be awakened, as you are allowed to completely re-evaluate your perception of taste, smell, and texture. It is a social experience, in which the darkness protects you from your inhibitions and frees you to experience relationships and interactions without prejudice or preconception. Finally, it is a richly human experience when the blind become your eyes, opening your mind to an intriguing new world of mystery and sensation.

This place is totally devoid of vanity and you will leave with a memorable experience to say the least!


How It Works

You have the choice between 4 different surprise menus:

White : No Restrictions. “the true Dans le Noir experience” ( I did this one)
Blue : Fish and Seafood . . . for the Little Mermaid in you
Red : Meat Lovers . . . the Carnivore’s delight
Green : Vegetarian . . . “eh, what’s up, doc


Upon making a reservation you are asked to complete an excel document alerting them of who wants which surprise menu, how many glasses of wine and any allergies.  I had initially thought this was utterly ridiculous and frankly an inconvenience. WRONG It was absolutely essential to the way they operate and run to have this done.   

There were 11 of us at dinner and my best guess is that we were seated at a long table. Everything is VERY specific and placed so that the waiter (Adam) could figure out who was in what location.   It is a 3 course meal, appetizers, entree and dessert.  While I can’t TELL you what I ate as it would ruin the seasonal menu for them.  I can tell you there was some game, there were some odd items and I know I ended up eating with my hands ( what a mess)


I’m huge on texture so I knew a fork and knife were simply not going to be an option for me.  All in all it was a good experience, a bit pricy for what it actually is.  Advertized at 60 a head it was more like 100 when you factored in tax/tip.  There was some competition between our table and what I assume was the only other table in there.  They were not amused that we were a louder and rowdier group of FUN individuals and kept shushing us. ( not productive- only made us louder)

I would recommend Dans Le Noir for an intimate 😉 date ( keep in mind everything is recorded with heat cameras- so no monkey business)  



Happy Eating!


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