HARU Sushi Wall Street: SCATHING Review with a nod to my mother!

5/2/2012 1.0 Star Rating

Ok so let me preface this by saying I have now given this place THREE chances within months of each other and EACH time it has been horrible.  I will detail each instance.

First time:

I ate their for what was supposed to be a timely lunch with a client.  Not only were we seated for 20 minutes before the waters and diet cokes we ordered showed up but the food was horrific.  I ordered the Rock Shrimp Appetizer which tasted and looked like I had gotten it at an apple bee’s, I ordered the Toro Sashimi Special ( $8 a piece) He ordered Teriyaki.  So we waited an additional 45 minutes for our food to come out only to be SO disappointed. My “toro belly” was slimy, warm and sour which obviously was a result of them cutting it and leaving it out while they did god knows what to the salad I ordered and never received and his bland and mediocre Teriyaki.   The toro was inedible  ( took one bite I couldn’t even swallow) and a food poisoning law suit waiting to happen so I sent it back.  Our check took a good 20 minutes to track down, correct and pay. We spent a total of about 2 hours there when it was supposed to be a 45 minute lunch.  

I reviewed them on their site and their VP of Operations contacted me immediately and offered two gift cards to try them again, which leads me to experience number 2.

Second Time:

Again it took a crazy amount of time to receive my salad and my friends 3 rolls.  Food was bland but not awful.  Nothing memorable, service was crap and took forever.  Left unhappy again. When I presented the gift cards, the server gave a VERY audible groan and acted like it was the biggest inconvenience.  

Third Time:
Last night, went in with a colleague ( i forewarned her) she was adamant that it was a great place so I said, sure i’ll give it another shot. (WRONG)
We sat by the door of the bar, (no big deal.) The bartender while initially very nice was about as fake as the nails on my fingers.

I asked for a Lychee Martini, she convinced me to try her ” favorite drink ever” a sakitini ( gross)  I’m sure it was a decent drink, but it was just NOT my thing, so I sent it back. I ordered a MacMurray Pinot Noir- I watched her pour me the end of a bottle and walk away. My friend ordered the Estancia Pinot Noir.  So I’m a HUGE wine snob and a long time MacMurray drinker. What I was served was vinegar and for someone who will usually have 2 glasses of wine at dinner, I took two sips and left it untouched.   The Estancia was decent, it’s a low quality wine so we weren’t expecting much there.  

We each ordered a roll as we weren’t overly hungry.  I had the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll, she had a California roll, they were mediocre, not great not awful.  When it came time to pay the check, she walked over ( we waited 30 minutes for 2 rolls to come out and another 15 for the check)   Now I gave off ALL of the signs that I was unhappy without being a witch about it but this woman either didn’t give  a crap or was too much of a moron to figure it out.  ( Being subtle is NOT a strong suit of mine)  As she was taking away a FULL glass of wine I said “you know that bottle was kicked”….blank stare…..” it was no good, it was vinegar”  ……”oh”… and she walked away while rolling her eyes.  The manager came over and gave me the equivilent of the Spanish inquisition  and I said, listen I know my wine, I know what it’s supposed to taste like and that was a soured bottle.  

He proceeded to attempt to pour himself a glass from the Estancia, I said, Nope I had the MacMurray and it was the dregs of a bottle, she poured at my table 18 inches from my face.  He said, oh no problem and took it off my check..

As we were packing up our things to leave after paying our bill, I overheard the bartender say to the manager, that woman was a …….and i missed the last word. .

Not the way to win customers my dear.

Safe to say I will NOT be returning

One thing I learned from my Mother, the former Long Time Savor( Food) Editor for the Star Ledger, is how  to write a review and to know what to look for.  In her hay day my mom managed to close down this horrible restaurant called Max’s in NJ (at least that’s the thought and understanding)  I was probably 11 at the time and I remember always being in awe of my mom when she reviewed a place.  The sneaky way she took notes under the table to the outcome whether positive or negative of a review.  This place never stood a chance.  I remember we sat for a LONG time before any service much less any food.  I don’t remember going a second time, but apparently we did to give it another chance and it was apparently equally as hateful. Needless to say my mothers review came out and less than 5 weeks later they were closed.  Do the math.
My intention is NOT to get Haru closed, because some people actually love it there, just to have them correct the crap that goes on and fix their issues.

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