Weekly Review: Fascino

As a long time Fascino customer I was eager to head back last night.  Once again Ryan and Cynthia did not disappoint and I left beyond thrilled!   I cannot stress enough what an amazing time we had.  Now I NEVER go out for Italian or Italian American food because 9 out of 10 times I can make whatever I order ten times better.  Fascino is a true exception to that rule.  

We started with a bottle of wine that was delivered to our table from the local liquor store as it is BYOB ( i love that). Robert Mondavi Cabernet  and an order of the cornmeal crusted calamari.  Delicious. They split it for us in the kitchen so the presentation was spot on.  It was just the right amount. It was perfectly cooked and deliciously seasoned.   I then opted after much debate For the Ricotta Gnocchi with Sweet Sausage Bolognese: OH MY GOD.  Without a doubt if I was ever on death row or asked to pick a last meal that is 600% it! It was light and airy and not at all overwhelming and lead like as most gnocchi usually is.  The sauce was terrific and not remotely over seasoned or salted. Perfection!  There were a few great favors that opened with each bite.  The fresh basil was a great addition to the dish and complimented everything.  Would love  to see a hot sausage version sometime

My date had the Porcini dusted scallops with Farro Risotto which looked unbelievable. From first bite you could see he was hooked on this dish.  Cooked to perfection scallops can be a tricky dish to work with. The risotto was terrific and light and complemented the scallops impeccably.

Dessert came and I ordered the ultimate parfait and can I just say I had a love affair with my dessert at the table.  If I could have dove in and bathed in the parfait I very much would have.  I cannot rave enough about the sheer awesomeness of it. Dark chocolate pudding , peanut butter mousse, marshmallow brûlée, little chocolate crisps. Genius. Such a simple dish exploded with so many amazing flavors.  My date commented at one point with an amused grin. ” would you two like to be alone”. I said no but seriously try this. He did and he was just as hooked as I was. My hat is off to you Cynthia, amazing!    My date had the molten chocolate cake with hazelnut ice cream which he said was terrific.  He wasn’t so much a fan of the ice cream as he isn’t a big hazelnut person but the presentation of both was terrific and to be honest from first bite of my dessert a bomb could have gone off next to me and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Our waiter was charming and helpful but certainly not overbearing or pushy.  

GREAT experience once again!

I will most certainly be back and have found my new favorite meal!  This one is going to be hard to top!



I encourage everyone to stop in at Fascino and enjoy a terrific meal



331 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 233-0350


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