Who doesn’t love a story about balls?



I highly encourage EVERYONE who is local to give The Meatball Shop a try! came here a few months ago on a date ( I wish I could say the date was as fantastic as the food)  So being a meatball shop virgin and not the biggest meatball fan,  I let him guide me in the ordering process.   I couldn’t get passed saying Naked Balls without a giggle ( I know  I know 25 going on 12) So I loved that the menu was a little arts and crafty where you actually get to draw on it and tick off what you want with markers!

I had the naked balls (classic beef) with classic tomato sauce and a piece of mozzarella on top.  He had the smashed balls HA! (Chicken) with Parmesan Cream– OMG AMAZING I also ordered the special (Moroccan ball) as a slider.   I wasn’t overly thrilled with that one, there was a bit too much going on in it and I’m fairly picky about my Moroccan food!

I cannot rave enough about the Parmesan Cream sauce and the Chicken Balls.  Next time I go, I will absolutely be getting the Smashed Balls with a side of Cream, Parmesan Cream that is…..

Side note:  Their wine selection is very good and the bartenders are pretty to look at.  Nothing beats a good bottle of wine and a plate of balls served by an adorable hipster!


There are currently 3 locations for you to enjoy your balls ( and I’ve recently herd rumor of a new Chelsea location to be opened) :

64 Greenwich Avenue NYC
84 Stanton Street, NYC
170 Bedford Avenue (Brooklyn)





Stop what you are doing and go get some balls!


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