Cinders Wood Fire Grill: The Review

We held my friends bridal shower at cinders in April.  The basement event room is gorgeous and they were absolutely helpful and accommodating but that’s about where the positives end.  We opted for a buffet (never again) and by the time the first table ( the bridal party ) got to the food it was cold and congealed. I’d love to say there was something that absolutely blew me away but it did not. The cake was terrific but I’m not sure it was made on sight.   We had the chicken francaise ( completely congealed and a mess) the paella ( I opted to skip) a pepper steak, eggplant rollatini (man was that bad) and a few other random things. The best part was the bruschetta and sangria. They did not do an open bar and there was only a limited amount of sangria available which was less than ideal for the amount I know was paid for the shower.

All in all I’ve herd mixed reviews from people in the past but based on my experience I wouldn’t rush to go back.  Now maybe a traditional lunch or dinner there is better but I would safely bet against it.

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