Wonderful Water: Why I’m Having a Love Affair With Water

So we all know it’s been blistering hot the past few days in NY/NJ. Finally the heat broke this weekend and it rained but we had a few scorching hot days where I was grateful to have a liter of water in my bag.   I’ve never been a huge water drinker. I prefer bubbles in my water BUT last week it was absolutely necessary.  I’m on a kick to lose 25 lbs ( to start) and my day today has very much revolved around my consumption of water. I am currently on my third liter of water, that’s 33.8 x 3 = 101.4 oz for you mathematically challenged.    They say 8 cups of water a day is the standard.  I’m past that and feel great!  Some of my favorites ( and no water is not just water)  are: 


Poland Spring

Smart Water ( No it doesn’t actually make you smarter)

and finally

Voss Water


Everyone drink up and enjoy! 

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