Lobster Lobster Lobster! Maine Lobster with Drawn Butter and Garlic Onion Mayo


Julia’s Maine Lobster Bake 

I just got back from a great long weekend in Maine and brought back 8-10 pounds of Maine Soft shell Lobster.  It was amazing!  The little guys made the 8.5 hour drive home with me packed in ice and all survived! 


Boil a large pot of water with a pinch of salt.  IF you can stomach it pierce/slice the lobsters behind the neck to kill them just before boiling ( be careful if you are working with hard shells) Boil lobster at the ration of 10 minutes per pound ( anything after 1 lb add 2 minutes)   I was working with 1.5 -2 lb lobster and cooked them for 12-13 minutes.  The shells will turn bright red.  IF you do not kill them before boiling be very careful putting them into the pot ( always head first)- they will recoil and try to jump out.  Let them steam or boil ( just modify water level to steam)  Secure the lid and let it go.  


Drawn Butter: 

In a small sauce pan melt down 1 stick of butter on medium heat.  If you would like to flavor it try a small amount of pureed garlic ( almost to a juice)  or a sprinkle of garlic powder.   You want the butter to melt down JUST short of browning the butter. 


Garlic Onion Mayo:

Spoon 2 Tablespoons of Mayonnaise into a medium bowl. Combine with a dash of garlic powder or minced roasted garlic and finely diced sautéed onion.   


A great variation would be a lemon scented mayo.  Do exactly the same as above but add the juice of a 4th of a lemon! 




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