Pamir Restaurant Morristown: Mixed Bag Review

Ok so for those who are not familiar with Afghan food, a note:  Afghan food is NOT spiced like Indian food. It is much more mild and the flavors should meld together not assault you. 

I was satisfied but not overly impressed with Pamir.  They used to be TERRIFIC when located on Washington Street. 

My friend and I both did the 19.95 dinner special.   

We both started with the Sambosa which I found to be a bit basic and boring. Could have used a bit more filling but overall was okay.    The green salad with yogurt and mint dressing was great.  I had the Chicken Narange Palaw which I thought was TERRIFIC.  I would like to try the eggplant next time, however it was a great dish overall.  My friend had the Lawangi Murgh which at first glance looked a little freaky to me but was delicious!    I had the lemonade which is seasoned with Mint and a club soda.  The lemonade was terrific.  

On a side note, the service was mediocre at best. We waited with our closed menus for a good 15-20 minutes before our order was taken, he walked by us several times, took care of the people next to us etc.  Once everything came out the timing was good, however they were a bit slow to get the dishes off the table before bringing out the next.  

Overall – It was good, not terrific, not bad