My Endless Hunt For Cassata

So once again the christmas season is upon us and my search for a halfway similar Cassata cake resumes.  Since Cassata is a traditional Sicilian dessert served around the holidays when I came back from Italy 3 years ago I figured I would have no problem seeking it out.  WRONG.  To date, I have tried probably close to 15 different Cassata cakes, in Little Italy, in Chicago, in North Jersey, down the shore, in Philadelphia and even a few homemade ones but NOTHING even comes close.  I don’t know what it is other than a regionally learned craft and skill but outside of my cousins home in Genova I am destined to be forever searching for my White Pony of a dessert!   


My challenge to you, my dear readers is to find me my cassata!  I am opening the floor to you.  For the lucky individual who can find me my cassata you will undoubtably be my eternal dessert hero. A 25 dollar gift card of your choosing is waiting for you as well.  


What Cassata is NOT: 


Pink, Ice Cream, Custard based, Vanilla or Yellow Cake based, a pile of cannoli cream, fruitless, whipped cream based or any variation!  


What Cassata IS:  

Green, Marzipan based, Cannoli Cream based, the perfect ratio of cream to candied fruit to cake to amazing. 


Here are a few pics to guide you in the right direction. 


Cassata alla Siciliana