My Experience Chartering a Fishing Boat: Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Well let’s start this off by explaining that I am certainly not a seasoned fisher or even a novice fisher.  I’ve held a fishing pole MAYBE 3 times in my life.  Now crabbing is a whole other ball game.  I dominate that!   So I woke up bright and early this morning and headed over to Port Jefferson to Celtic Quest. I was of course the first one there at 7:45 when call time was 8:15 (  I got excited, boats, water, fishing, etc = Julia reverting to a 6 year old child)  So they set me up in what they claim to be the best fishing spot and tell me we will be going for porgies and blue fish…….ok..  cool.  So I googled each to naturally see what I could cook with either…..shocking right? 


So the rest of the reservations arrive and we are about 35. We set out to go blue fishing first…. 1 person caught a fish…….one…………. 😦  We then moved over to another spot and again dropped for blue fish…..zilch…..They claimed there were a TON of fish 40-60 feet below the boat but NOTHING was biting.  We moved again.. same story.. We then switched over to Porgies, so I hooked my giant clam on the lure and side hook and cast away……nothing.   The guy next to me pulls up a gorgeous sea bass ( see picture below)Image


The guy on the other side of me and his oh so loud but oh so adorable child caught a large Porgie ( see picture below)



Every time someone reeled a fish in I could feel myself getting more and more annoyed  ( this is supposed to be relaxing???!?!?!?)  Finally i just decided that I would just try my best and enjoy the sun, the stench of clam chum and enjoy the multitude of questions that the little boy next to me had) 

The fish were just NOT biting today.  With a total of 45 rods in the water, the entire boat caught 4 fish…..4…… we should have had hundreds according to the mates.   They were mortified and so apologetic.  The little boy managed to hook me once ( minor injury, minimal blood, no biggie)  I hooked myself once ( oops)  and had some great conversation with the two older gentleman who seemed to take a liking to me.   They said well if the fish aren’t biting and thats a loss at least we have something beautiful to look at…. awww shucks guys you made me blush…..



 I leave you with some food for thought


1. There is no such thing as too much equipment.

2. When in doubt, exaggerate.

3. Even the best lines get weak after they have been used a few times.

4. Sometimes you really have to squirm to get off the hook.

5. The fishing is always better on the other side of the lake.

6. Good things come to those who wade.